Coat Rack As Wall Decoration

Mar 18th

Coat rack can be designed with a lot of interesting concepts. In fact you will never know how new ideas will be created along with the many choices of design. Therefore, let us determine which design is most appropriate for this rack.

Wooden Coat Rack
Wooden Coat Rack

Typically, this is important furniture during rainy or winter. And most people always put it next to the entrance. The consideration is to avoid the water drops from the coat. But in the dry season, it is also very useful for hanging multiple coats or jackets right when you come home.

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Instead of the furniture, you can also create a function decor. And that is the reason why there are a lot of interesting designs such as the trunk or branches of a tree. However, it would be more fun than you put regular hanger. Unfortunately, most of these designs just merely on the normal form of a tree trunk.

So, you could look for other options. For example is by installing a few small twigs on a board. With the appropriate size, you can create a beautiful natural-style rack. Surely, this is also very interesting as an ornament for your wall. And you do not have to worry that your coat will fall apart.

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